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18 inch doll clothes stores Harmony Club Dolls

Harmony Club Dolls offers numerous stores within our website including an 18" doll clothes store that fits dolls the size of the American Girl doll, a 18" doll shoe store that also will fit American Girl dolls, and a 14.5" doll clothes store that fits smaller dolls like Hearts for Hearts of WellieWishers. In addition, we offer a 15" doll clothes store that fits baby dolls like Bitty Baby. Our company and product is not affiliated with any of these doll companies but the doll clothes, shoes and accessories are designed with the exact fit of these various dolls in mind. These individual stores are listed as categories at 

We know you have many choices when selecting 18 inch dolls clothes. This is why we have taken special care to learn the industry and the various choices available to retailers and to bring you only the best designs, quality and prices. Our 18 inch doll clothes is quality inspected and we will not offer any items of inferior fabric or design. If and when we due offer a product of a lighter fabric or simpler design, it is listed as such and the price is lowered to a price point of about $5 per item. We a carry a combination of our own imports of 18 inch dolls clothes as well as product purchased from top brand doll clothes companies like American Fashion World. When we buy a new product, we always check the market carefully so that our 18 inch doll clothes product is of a competitive price to any other that you may find elsewhere. We also make sure that each and every item is properly ironed baged in a clear plastic gift bag, and ready for you to open and enjoy. Each holiday, we offer new 18 inch doll clothes choices so that you may enjoy each and every holiday with you child and their 18 inch dolls.