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Providing Premium 18" Doll Clothes and Doll Accessories Since 2012

We offer a large selection of 18" doll clothes and shoes that will fit dolls the size of American Girl, Journey Girls and others. However, we are not affiliated with these businesses. Our business is a privately owned U.S. retailer located in California.

Harmony Club Dolls offers 18" doll clothes and 18 inch play dolls best suited for children 3-10 years of age. While we offer a very large selection of clothes for dolls, we also offer a large selection of well-made doll shoes, and doll accessories to personalize your 18 inch dolls.

The good news is that our dolls clothes will fit a variety of dolls of the 18 inch size.  We know you will love the cheap prices in our store and great quality of our doll products. If you are looking for a great doll store, look no further than Harmony Club Dolls.

What We Do

Our goal is to offer not only a large variety of 18 inch doll clothes, but a great selection of 18" doll shoes and accessories too. Not only do we have competive prices, but are styles are always current and we update our inventory frequently. When you shop in our doll store, your child will not only enjoy the best experience in playing with their 18" dolls, but can have new fun items all season long.

Whereas some toys stores are only, for kids, our dolls make great additions to for doll collectors too. You may want one for play, or one for display. 

We Offer Fast Delivery

Our team works hard to make sure that your purchase reaches you in good condition and in a timely manner. To deliver packages in 3-10 days, we ensure that orders leave our warehouse in California within 48 hours.

Pretend Play

Even though children have many choices when it comes to play, dolls provide something special to a child's development because dolls allow children to not only to use their imagination, but also to explore different real life person to person situations. It is through trial and error, that many of us learn effective way to interact with one another, and dolls can provide a way to practice in that interaction. Even better, dolls provide morale support and a sense of comfort and love. These things are very important to children and to people everywhere.

 Our large assortment of doll dress up clothes gives children new ideas that may be used in imaginary play. One day, a doll may visit the beach with friends, while on the next day, a doll may put on her country hat and go out in the garden. It is up to your child's imagination to decide, and we are happy that our dolls and doll clothes can be part of the journey.